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Great care should be exercised when choosing a tax return preparer. Experience with different types of returns is essential, especially when preparing delinquent tax returns from prior years. We at the Greene Law Firm maintain multiple databases and streams of information direct from the IRS to insure that we always have the latest software and know the most up-to-date tax rules and changes. We do this to insure that you get the most tax breaks possible and legally pay the least amount possible.

Many tax return preparation companies have short training sessions for their new recruits and they do not know how to prepare any but the simplest returns. Professional tax return preparers must complete at least 18 hours of continuing education each year in order to maintain good standing with the IRS. Our staff accountant maintains and exceeds all necessary educational requirements. We can prepare the very simple to the most complex individual, corporate, partnership or trust returns for the current as well as for prior years. Therefore you can have confidence that your return will be accurate and fulfill all legal requirements.

The IRS requires that a taxpayer must file at least the past six years of tax returns as well as the current year’s return before agreeing to an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement. Therefore you must be sure that someone with the proper knowledge and tools prepares those returns so that the appropriate laws and rules for the year in which the returns were to be filed are followed.

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