What Is The Taxpayer Advocate Service?

The taxpayer advocate service is an independent arm of the government that has access to IRS records about taxpayers. They are here to be a mediator between the taxpayer and the IRS when there is a disagreement that the taxpayer cannot work out on his own. They have the rule though that you must try to settle the dispute yourself before contacting them and then they will help you.

How Can The IRS Collect Taxes More Than 10 Years After They Were Due?

The IRS does have 10 years to collect a tax after the tax has been filed and assessed. However, there are several things that can stop that timeline from running so that the timeline is extended. For instance, if someone files bankruptcy, the statute stops for the length of the bankruptcy plus 6 months. Also, if one files an offer in compromise, the statute will stop while the offer is being considered.

Can I Do An Offer In Compromise Even If I Have Enough Money Or Assets To Pay The Tax In Full?

Under very limited circumstances, you can do that. That is called an offer in compromise based on effective tax administration. What this means is that even though someone may have enough money to pay the tax in full, I can try to convince the government that it is better to let them keep that money to maintain some minimum lifestyle rather than becoming part of the welfare state and depending on government welfare.

What Is An Offer In Compromise Based On Effective Tax Administration?

This is an offer where the taxpayer says yes, I do have enough money to pay this tax but it can be better used in maintaining me as a citizen rather than me going on welfare because without this money I will not have any way to stay alive and stay in decent shape. Most of the time, these people have some terminal illness or something like that to make them eligible for this type of offer.

What Is An Offer In Compromise Based On Doubt As To Liability?

This is a very seldom used offer. It is one where the taxpayer says I do not believe that I owe this tax in the first place, therefore I am willing to offer a very small amount rather than go to tax court or another court to fight it out. If you file an offer based on this doubt as to liability, you do not have to pay a filing fee and you do not have to submit all of your financial information.

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