Missing W-2? Here’s what to do

Missing W-2? Here’s what to do

  • March 1, 2012
  • David Greene
  • Comments Off on Missing W-2? Here’s what to do

An employee should receive his W-2 by January 31.  If you did not, you should take these steps: (1) Contact your employer and verify whether your address is correct and request a resubmission of the W-2.  (2)  If not received in a week, call the IRS and provide the employer’s information, dates of employment and


estimated wages. (3) File the return by April 17 and attach Form 4852 (substitute W-2) or file an extension. (4) File an amended return if your W-2 eventually shows up and differs from what you reported.   The most important thing is to file the return on time, even if you must use a good faith estimate of your income.



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