Is The Federal Estate And Gift Tax Exemption Intended To Increase In 2021?

The gift tax and inheritance tax exemption will increase in 2021. Currently, it is $11.58 million for an individual and it will go up to $11.7 million for an individual. You are only affected if your estate is worth more than that or if you gift more than that. If you are worth less than that, there will be no estate tax or gift tax to worry about.

What Changes Should I Consider Making In My Estate Plan At The End Of This Year?

One should review their entire estate plan at least every three years. Specifically, you should review your beneficiaries to make sure they are still who you want and also review any charities that you might have put in your estate plan.

What Are The Proposed Changes To The Capital Gains Tax Rate In 2021 Under The Biden Administration?

Changes to the Capital Gains Tax rate are only proposed. If it is put into law, there will be changes. Biden’s proposal is to change the Capital Gains Tax for those who make more than one million dollars per year. If you are in that category, the Capital Gains Tax will increase from about 20% to about 37%.

What Changes are Coming In 2021 In Regards To Charitable Donations?

Changes to charitable donations are currently only proposed. A charitable deduction is not a credit; it is not a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your tax. A charitable deduction is tied to your underlying general tax rate. The Biden proposal would reduce the charitable deduction to 28% of the amount you give.

What Does Stepped Up Basis Mean When Referring To Capital Gains Tax?

Stepped up basis refers to what happens when someone dies and leaves assets to another person. The beneficiary of that asset takes the value at a stepped-up basis, meaning they do not take it at the basis at which the giver bought the asset, but at the value of the asset at the time of death. This results in less profit that the beneficiary has to pay taxes on.

Do Stocks And Bonds Also Receive A Stepped-Up Basis When They Are Inherited At Death?

Stocks, bonds, real estate, and almost every other asset that can be passed by a will or a trust benefits from the stepped-up basis. The values of the assets that the beneficiary takes are calculated as of the time of death, not when the asset was bought by the deceased.

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