Why Should I bother to vote?

Why Should I bother to vote?

  • November 6, 2018
  • David Greene
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I posted this four years ago and have received several requests to repeat it, so here it is.  I obviously made up today’s question since it is Election Day.  However, it really is a good question that we all should think about. What do we gain by voting?  We preserve and protect our many freedoms and privileges as Americans.  If we as a community, city, state and country do not bother to vote for our leaders, then we move toward dictatorship, because it will be easier for corrupt, power hungry individuals to buy elections and gain control of our country and when that happens, we lose our freedoms.  The real question should not be “What do we gain by voting,” but “What do our children and grandchildren gain when we vote?”  They gain the education of watching those they love participate in our country’s greatest privilege – the privilege to let the masses pick our leader.  Hopefully they then will want to preserve that heritage when they come of age.

It looks like we may have a record voter turnout this year and I am thrilled to see that.  I hope you will pledge, first, to vote for your candidate and, second, to support the new leaders, whether your candidate or the opposition wins.  I have faith in America that our strengths will carry us through these very difficult economic and war-torn times but we can count on our country to triumph only if we preserve our freedoms through letting our voices be heard at the voting booth.  Have a wonderful Election Day.

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