What Is The Traditional IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program?

The voluntary disclosure program is a now-closed program to let people voluntarily report offshore bank accounts. However, there has been a longstanding voluntary disclosure practice by the IRS and this is for anyone who has not reported income on a tax return who now wants to come clean. If they voluntarily report to the IRS that they failed to report income, this may help them avoid criminal charges, although there is no guarantee. Also, that program only works if a taxpayer reports it before the IRS starts to investigate or before a whistleblower goes to the IRS and tells them about it.

I’ve Been Accused Of Tax Avoidance Or Tax Evasion. At What Point Should I Hire A Tax Attorney?

First, tax avoidance is not illegal, so you do not need an attorney. However, if you are accused of tax evasion, you should hire an attorney immediately who is familiar with the system and will be able to navigate it without putting you into more jeopardy.

What Information And Documents Will Be Helpful To My Tax Attorney To Help Me In My Tax Evasion Case?

You should first, of course, provide him or her with your tax return that is the subject of the investigation. Also, you should provide them all other documents you used when preparing that return, and then you should write out a very detailed statement about why you did not report income that could be considered evasion so that the attorney can analyze your situation and come up with a plan to present to the IRS.

If I’m In Trouble With The IRS, What Kind Of Tax Attorney Do I Need?

That is a very good question. There are several types of attorneys who bill themselves as tax attorneys. Some tax attorneys only deal with helping clients with tax shelters and planning for future taxes and things like that. Other tax attorneys only deal with helping clients prepare very complicated tax returns. The kind of attorney you want, if you are in trouble, is a tax attorney who deals exclusively or almost exclusively with helping people get out of trouble with the IRS. That’s the type of attorney that I am.

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