Tips On How To Avoid Will Contests

Tips On How To Avoid Will Contests

  • October 24, 2017
  • David Greene
  • Comments Off on Tips On How To Avoid Will Contests

It is very hard to be successful in a will or trust contest.  However, many disappointed heirs file such contests every year.  Here are some planning tips to hopefully avoid that headache and heartache for your heirs.  (1) If you are disinheriting someone, state that in the will.  This takes away the argument that the person was accidently left out. (2) Give the disinherited one a small bequest, then state in your will if anyone contests the will they will lose whatever was bequeathed to them.  This will discourage them from contesting.  (3) Share the details of your Estate Plan with your family so they know ahead of time or simply write a letter detailing why you have structured your plan in the way you did. (4) Keep your plan up to date – review every two to three years. (5) Consider creating a trust.  A trust is much harder to contst than a will if prepared correctly.

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