Please Vote Today

Please Vote Today

  • November 4, 2014
  • David Greene
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This is election day and a most important day in the year for the future of our country. There are many issues of great importance to be decided, such as taxes, education and the economy. While it is true that most of my clients are behind in their taxes, I know they all love this country and know we must all pay our share to keep it the greatest country in the world. After helping these people as long as I have, I know that most of them got into trouble because of catastrophic events out of their control such as family deaths, divorce or debilitating disease and I am proud to help them get these matters resolved and get them back on the right track. I feel sure that almost all of my clients are exercising their right to vote today. What do we gain by voting? We preserve and protect our many freedoms and privileges as Americans. If we as a community, city, state and country do not bother to vote for our leaders, then we move toward dictatorship and chaos. The real question should not be “What do we gain by voting,” but “What do our children and grandchildren gain when we vote?” They gain the education of watching those they love participate in our country’s greatest privilege – the privilege to let the masses pick our leaders. Hopefully they then will want to preserve that heritage when they come of age. My daughter is now 21 and will be voting in her second election.

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