• December 22, 2021
  • David Greene
  • Comments Off on MERRY CHRISTMAS

Welcome to Christmas Week.  I hope you are anticipating a joyful time of sharing with friends and family.  What does Christmas mean to you?  To me it means many happy memories of Christmas past and the anticipation of Christmases present and future spent with my family.  After the COVID-19 pandemic, all who read this can be thankful that you are here to see another Christmas.  If you have lost a loved one during this past year I hope you can still find joy and peace, as I’m sure your loved one would want you to do.

My father loved the Christmas season; it was his favorite.  He instilled in me the joy of giving to others and I have strived to pass this joy on down to my child.  If you know someone who is facing a not-so-good Christmas, I hope you will try to find some way to help that person enjoy a better Christmas.  Your actions will be as rewarding to you as they are to the one you help.  That is the true Christmas spirit.

In closing, I hope you will remember the real meaning of Christmas as the celebration of Christ’s birth and give to others in the spirit that He gave to us. Remember to thank the Lord for sending His Son that we all may have hope and live.  If you are not of the Christian faith, I hope you will experience Christmas this year as a time of peace and tranquility.  For all my readers, I hope you will share a wonderful time of joy and harmony with your family and friends this season and then let me help you with your IRS problem or Estate Planning needs in the New Year.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season.


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