Is the Offer In Compromise program a scam?

Is the Offer In Compromise program a scam?

  • November 20, 2019
  • David Greene
  • Comments Off on Is the Offer In Compromise program a scam?

I’m happy to say that the Offer In Compromise program is not a scam and still works in the right circumstances.  In fact, I have already had several Offers accepted in 2019!  However, some unscrupulous people will take your money and promise you a great Offer with nothing to back up that promise.  Most people do not understand the Offer program.  The IRS is willing to accept less than you owe in full payment of your delinquent tax debt if your “reasonable collection potential” is less than the amount you owe, i.e. can you pay the amount you owe within the time the IRS has to collect the tax.  This depends on your current financial situation, the amount you owe, how old the tax is and other factors.  We do a complete analysis of your situation and tell you if we think you are eligible for an Offer.  Then we prepare and negotiate the Offer for you through its completion, usually about 8 months to a year.   It is a very complicated process.  Unfortunately, most people do not qualify, but if you do it is a great program.

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