Is mediation available to help resolve IRS problems?

Is mediation available to help resolve IRS problems?

  • May 24, 2011
  • David Greene
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The IRS will mediate certain cases and I will discuss some of those in my next blog.  However, I first want to explain what mediation is and why it works in many cases.  Mediation is simply a negotiation session between two parties with a neutral, trained mediator helping both parties to compromise in everyone’s best interest.



There is a non-judicial solution to most problems and the mediator is trained to look at your problem in ways that the parties haven’t thought of.  The mediator does not make a decision for either party; instead he or she helps both of you reach a compromise.

Most people would rather give up some minor issue and know what he will get instead of letting a judge make a decision that he might not like at all.  It is a good system and mediation is required in Greenville County, South Carolina for almost all court cases before the case can go to trial.  I am a trained mediator and thus can represent my client more effectively in the mediation.  Of course, I could not act as my client’s mediator since I would be his advocate.  One does not have to be involved in a lawsuit to utilize mediation.


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