How To Choose the Right Tax Preparer

How To Choose the Right Tax Preparer

  • February 10, 2015
  • David Greene
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What should you look for in a tax preparer? Using our firm as an example, we specialize in dealing with all kinds of tax related problems, which has made us very cognizant of the mistakes others make. We do our utmost to avoid those mistakes. Also, our staff accountant has more than 20 years experience in preparing all types of tax returns. You need someone with experience, especially this year. You need to choose a specialist in this area due to the confusion over Obamacare and how to deal with it. I urge you to visit an IRS web page that has pointers on choosing a tax preparer. It is at: I would like to invite you to call or write for a Free Confidential report on how the IRS pursues taxpayers and what you can do to respond.

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