Christmas Thoughts

Christmas Thoughts

  • December 20, 2011
  • David Greene
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I would like to share a few thoughts about Christmas.  Christmas is always a special time of year for almost everyone.  However, some Christmases are more special than others.  Your first Christmas with your new spouse and your first



Christmas with your baby (or adopted child no matter the age) is very special indeed.  How about the first Christmas you can remember, when the magical Santa brought you the toy you really wanted?  However, sometimes Christmas is a sad time, such as the first one after a loved one or best friend has died. Christmas can also be depressing when you have a burden hanging over your head.  I know that the current state of the economy is adversely affecting many Americans this year. There are many problems I cannot help with, but there is one I can:  if you have an IRS problem let me begin the process of resolving that problem for you. Then you will be able to really enjoy Christmas. I hope all of my readers will make it your goal to put aside your problems for the sake of your family and loved ones and enjoy the beauty and joy of Christmas.  Never forget the real meaning of the season and thank the Lord for sending His Son that we all may have hope and live.


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