Can I go to jail for not filing taxes?

Can I go to jail for not filing taxes?

  • February 12, 2024
  • David Greene
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I have a lot of clients that have failed to file returns for several years, in fact, a gentleman came in last week who has not filed in 15 years.  First, you should not worry about going to jail unless you set out to deliberately evade taxes and cheat the government.  One goes to jail for fraud and tax evasion, not simply owing tax.  Assuming that is not the case, I can help you get back in the system.  First, you will have to file your returns from at least 2017 forward.  Generally, the IRS will not require you to go further than six years back, plus the current year (now 2023).  I can obtain your income records for those years to help you, but, of course, you will need to provide any expenses you want considered as a deduction.  After the IRS adds on the interest and penalties, we will know how much you owe and work out an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement to retire the taxes.  To do that you will need to give me your complete financial picture using forms I provide.

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