2008 Refunds gone after April 17

2008 Refunds gone after April 17

  • April 3, 2012
  • David Greene
  • Comments Off on 2008 Refunds gone after April 17

Can you get a refund no matter how late you file your taxes?  No!  The IRS has a rule that you can only get a refund for the previous three tax years.  Therefore, since 2011 is the current tax year, you can still get


refunds for 2008 and forward.  However, if you do not file the 2008 return by April 17, any refund to which you might be entitled will be lost.  It is too late to get the refunds for 2006 and earlier.   There are several million dollars in unclaimed refunds for 2008, so, for all my readers, if you haven’t filed that year, please do so immediately.


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